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Courtney dress hack, Marsha style blog

As soon as I saw Taree's version of this hack I wanted to make my own!

Twirly, floaty, summer dress perfection.

I read Taree's blog post, you can find it here which really easily explains how to hack the Courtney pattern to add a tiered skirt.

I started by shortening the bodice. I cut a size 8, but could really have gone down a couple of sizes and still been quite roomy, it would depend on the weight of your fabric there, I used the Fabric godmother Stary tiger navy viscose lawn which is quite light and floaty so suited the looser fit and extra fabric.

I shortened the bodice to 40cm from the shoulder, 14cm under arm seam. This was based off Taree's measurements provided in the blog as well as measuring an already made baby doll dress that had the bodice length I wanted.

I also took 2 inches out of the centre back as i didn't want the gathers at the neckline. I think next time I would add the front gathers in or take an inch out of the centre front as it sits a little wide on my shoulders.

For the tiered skirt, I cut two pieces at full width of the fabric, 30cm long for the first tier.

For the second tier I cut 3 pieces at full width of the fabric at 35cm long. I ended up shortening the second tier to 20cm after I had sewn it as it ended up way too long.

The sleeve is the view b, shortened with elastic casing added to the edge to make a little puff sleeve

I love how twirly and floaty this dress is. Perfect for summer, comfortable for work and play.

Happy sewing

Julia xx

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