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Reuseable Christmas bon bons

Christmas is my favourite time of year! I love the gifting, the decorating, the cheer….just everything. I came across this idea a couple of years ago and it’s one that I absolutely love. Re useable Bonbons. One of the things that I do not like about Christmas is waste. All the wrapping, bon bons and cards can seem wasteful when they’re tossed away after one use. So I am on a quest to come up with alternatives to these throw away options. Starting with these re useable bon bons

Here's what you’ll need:

sewing machine

Piece of printed cotton 50 x 35cm

Piece of backing fabric 50 x 35cm

70cm grosgrain ribbon ( I used a 20mm)

70cm braid ( any decorative trim would work here)

1.2 metres satin ribbon for ties

Bonbon canister (you can buy them here )

This list of supplies makes one bon bon, times by the number of bon bons you desire to make

You can also buy a liberty bon bon kit here

1. Cut your fabrics to the required size 35 x 50cm

2. Pin grosgrain ribbon along both shorter ends, 3cm from edge

3. Stitch along both edges

4. Pin the braid 1cm from the edge of the ribbon and stitch through the centre with a straight stitch

5. Pin front and back right sides together and stitch around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance leaving a 10cm opening to turn

6. Iron flat before turning, then turn through and press again

7. Top stitch around the edge 3-5mm from the edge. This will also close the opening

8. Fill your canister with whatever goodies you like and roll inside fabric, tying both ends with satin ribbon

This will be my third year using these bon bons and I absolutely love that!

I have chosen Liberty prints in pastel colours for mine, but you can personalise them to your own style using fabrics and trims of your choice.

Until next time, happy sewing

Julia xx

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