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McCalls 7969 the gift that keeps on giving!

You may have seen over the past 12 months, there have been more than a few versions of M7969 popping up on Instagram! You can check out a the hashtag #m7969 for lots of versions of this pattern....endless inspiration!

I myself have made 6 or 7 versions, and i love every one of them! It's the perfect dress to throw on for comfort and style. You can check out some of my makes on our Instagram page here

For this latest version, I had a few small pieces from one of our remnant sales, each piece was only 50 or 60cm but they coordinated beautifully.

I used one piece for each section, so one for the sleeves, one for the bodice etc

I also made the skirt two layers, just by cutting the skirt pieces double and shortening the top layer. The skirt fabric is a cotton voile so is kind of sheer, but it also allowed me to add a layer of trim to both layers which adds a bit of wow factor.

so......the pictures!

The sleeves really are the hero of this dress

And the neckline is lovely, the self binding is a chance to either blend in or create an extra design feature

So there you have it, my latest McCalls 7969.... I guarantee it won't be my last!

Happy sewing x

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2 comentários

20 de dez. de 2021

Super pretty and I love the trim for the wow factor


Annette Davis
Annette Davis
20 de dez. de 2021

I love this pattern. I've made 3 versions myself. Yours is gorgeous and I love the idea of using remnants.

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