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How to join the Maker Society app

We have a new app!

It makes browsing on the go easy. On the Maker society app you will find tutorials, reviews, tips and of!

To download the app head to the app store and download the spaces by Wix app, then follow the steps below

  1. Open the Spaces by Wix app.

  2. Tap My Profile at the bottom.

  3. Tap Join with Invite Code near the bottom.

  4. Enter the invite code and tap Next.

  5. Tap Join.

The invite code for the maker society app is WPBRGJ

You can also invite your friends to join! Follow the steps below

  1. Go to your site on the Spaces by Wix app.

  2. Tap Invite.

  3. Select an option:

    1. Tap Send an SMS to send the link and invitation code to people by SMS (text message).

    2. Tap Share via Social & More to share the link and invitation code to any social network connected to your phone.

    3. Tap Copy Link to copy the link and send it to people you want to invite.

We hope you enjoy this new way of staying in touch! We will continue to grow our content, if you have any ideas, things you'd like to see, or would like to work with us please get in touch at

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