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Embroidering onto soft bra tulle for lingerie

It's no secret I have a passion for lingerie making, and I wanted to incorporate embroidery into my makes some how. I thought I'd try embroidering onto soft bra tulle. Now this is probably not the most practical fabric to use for embroidery, but lets see how it goes. If you're not familiar with bra tulle, it's a soft, fine, nylon fabric, with little to no stretch. It's used as a stabiliser in bra cups and frames. It can also be used to construct the bra, giving is a lovely sheer look.

I used a nude bra tulle, with the intention of cutting away the tulle and using this embroidery as a motif. I stabilised with a layer of solvy.

The two layers were hooped up in the 120x120 hoop and I made sure to get them as taught as possible.

OK..... here goes....

I downloaded this design from Embroidery online and saved it to my usb and then imported it to the creative 3.0

It's a cute floral design that features a bee. I didn't have the best colour embroidery threads on hand, but went with what I had for this project as it was after all a bit of an experiment.

The embroidery actually worked really well on the fine tulle! (Cue many more embroidered lingerie projects)

I was tempted to change my plan and use the embroidered tulle as is, but I went ahead and dissolved the solvy and cut away the tulle to create a motif.

The finished design was quite small so I chose a small piece of lingerie to make. I sewed the Lily bralette from the lingerie society. It's a free pattern, you can download it here

I make this for my teenage daughters. It's great for a smaller bust, is a really quick easy make, and the style they like. If you are thinking of making your own, there is a sew along you can watch here

The fabric I used is our silk touch lingerie jersey, and the edge is bound in 15mm foldover elastic, which also creates the straps. The band is a 35mm soft college stripe elastic ( we no longer have this design but we have lots of others)

The embroidery is a nice little feature on what would have otherwise been a very plain piece.

Now that I know I can embroider onto tulle, the possibilities are endless! Monogrammed bras anyone?

Until next time, happy sewing

Julia x

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