Mocha Pink Chantilly Wired Bra Kit includes enough Coordinating Fabric and trims to make up various Wired Bra patterns...
Pack includes:  50cm x 130cm hand dyed mottled lingerie mesh
                               40 x 50cm mottled hand dyed power mesh....
                                2mtrs hand dyed picot elastic..... 
                                1mtr hand dyed mottled wide picot elastic....
                                50cm x 25cm hand dyed chantilly non stretch lace 
                                2mtrs Foldover Elastic....
                                1mtr  hand dyed strapping elastic 
                                1mtr hand dyed mottled satin strapping elastic 
                                70cm underwire casing
                                1mtr hand dyed scallop stretch lace
                                1 x 2 hook bra back
                                1 set bra  rings and sliders
                                1 x charm
                                50cm   ribbon

Mocha Pink Chantilly Wired Bra Kit...

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