Wired bra kit includes:
	50cm x 140cm hand dyed Crystal  Lycra
	50cm x 35cm hand dyed power mesh
	50cm x 30cm hand dyed embroidered laser cut Spandex
	1mtr x  hand dyed picot elastic 
	1mtr hand dyed strapping elastic 
	2mtrs hand dyed Foldover Elastic 
	1mtr hand dyed strapping elastic 
	1mtr 14 mm hand dyed plush back elastic 
	1mtr hand dyed sheer stripe strapping elastic 
	1mtr wide sheer stripe strapping elastic 
   	70cm hand dyed underwire casing
	1 set rings and sliders
	1 x bra back 
	1 x charm
	 50cm ribbon
	1 x hand dyed lace off cut
* hand dyeing creates an organic mottled effect on trims and fabrics... The nature of hand dyed fabrics and trims is that they will subtly fade over time... Best hand washed in cold water with mild detergent...

Butterfly Moon Hand Dyed Wired Bra Kit...