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The Ruby bralette guest blog post by Lisa of @selvedge.and.stitch

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It’s no secret that most of my lingerie supplies come from Pitt Trading (see literally any other lingerie post!) – but I haven’t tried one of their patterns before.

Last week, they asked if I’d like to try their new pattern (no obligation) – the sneak peek pictures posted to Instagram looked pretty gorgeous, so I happily agreed! So here goes…

The Ruby bralet is a two piece vertical cup bralet with a stretch lace band at a longline or standard length.

The sizing is based on the upper bust measurement – so I decided to make the medium longline version, using some coordinating remnant lace pieces.

The cup is lined (I used a stretch mesh, although power mesh could possibly be used for more support).

For cup construction, I like to enclose all the seam allowances through a single seam instead of constructing the cup outer & lining separately.

You can do this by lining up the 4 pieces (the outer & lining pieces for each of the side cup & centre cup) in the following order:

– centre cup outer, right side up

– side cup outer, wrong side up (so the lace pieces are right side facing)

– side cup lining, right side up

– centre cup lining, wrong side up

When this is sewn in a single seam, all the seam allowances are enclosed once the cups are opened out. It’s very satisfying!! (I learned this from another bralet pattern, not sure which…)

The lace band is constructed at the side seams only – there is no back closure. The top edge of the bridge and the back of the bralet is finished in fold over elastic – I used a very narrow FOE for this and stretched slightly as I sewed.

I also followed the optional steps of:

– finishing the inside edge of the cups with clear elastic, using a 4.0 width triple stitch.

– finishing the lower edge of the longline band, I used a narrow picot elastic, and a 5.5 width triple stitch

The finished product:

This bralet is very sheer and pretty. It fits pretty well for a first try and I’m happy with how the laces look together.

In terms of sizing, because my high bust and underbust differ by 10cm I did need to take a wedge out of the side seams to fit the back. I graded from nil at the top down to 1cm at the bottom. Next time I’ll cut a medium front piece and a small back piece and see how that goes.

I’m keen to try a jersey version also, so that’ll be up next!!

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1 Comment

Marian Rush
Marian Rush
Dec 20, 2021

Wow! What a lovely project, and beautiful finished braless. I am inspired to try myself.

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